Chakra Candles

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Grow your witchcraft supplies and create a magickal witch’s altar with these beeswax spell candles and candle holders.

The chakra candle set is a great addition to your healing rituals and practices.
Burn time 1-2 hours.

Perfect for any type of spell casting and candle magick, for your rituals, meditation, healing and divination practices.

Fantastic gift ideas for spiritual practices, witchcraft practitioners, witches, pagans and wiccan.

Chakra Beeswax Small Candle Set (7 Candles) 

Handmade with a little Luna Magick, Blessings & Love.
Each candle is handmade just for you, every beeswax sheet goes through a cleansing ritual then placed under the full moon to absorb the luminating energy, the next day after the Full Moon a ritual is performed to charge the specific colour beeswax with intention. The candles are then hand rolled with a little magick, blessings and love then packaged with care for a safe journey to your altar.