Dance with the Devil Fragrance Oil

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Dance with the Devil Fragrance Oil

A sweet, deep and smoky scent reminiscent of midnight sabbats by firelight, where the air is a heady mix of incense, magic, flame and intoxicating brews. Dance with the Devil has a base of sweet almond oil blended with essential and fragrance oils including birch tar, patchouli, arabian musk, black pepper, geranium and sweet rum.

Wouldst thou like to dance with the devil?

Oil will arrive in a clear 10ml roll on glass bottle inside a black gift box.

This oil does not have Cosmetic Product Safety Reports, so they are sold for use in oil burners, adding to incense blends and for anointing tools and magical items only. The oil is made with the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients, so although you can be assured that use on the skin would cause no harm (unless you have underlying allergies or conditions beforehand) The maker can not legally sell them as perfumes. By purchasing this oil you are agreeing to the responsibility of risk if using on the skin.