Our Story

After many years lost in the corporate world, we felt something calling us back to the pagan path from which we had strayed. In 2020, mid pandemic, we happened across this charismatic old building in the historic town of Wymondham, Norfolk which was available for rent. We decided there and then that we would change our lifestyles and bring our world of magick to life by opening Elementals Magickal Emporium. We chose Elementals as our name because we want to pay our respects to mother nature and the four elements of water, fire, air and earth. Samantha is a practising Hedgewitch and you can usually find her collecting various items for magickal use, foraging in woodlands and countryside to make tinctures and potions and if there is a tree around, she will always give it a warm hug! With Gary's Germanic and Norwegian blood his natural calling is towards Norse Paganism and he can often be found with a horn of mead and a book on Norse mythology.

Hail and welcome to all! Samantha and Gary.